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ok lovelies   
02:04pm 01/11/2002

i be changing my lj. i'll leave this one still alive, but i'll be updating in another one.

it'll be interesting to see who actually adds me, and who just ignores this. hrm!
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04:54pm 29/10/2002
mood: okay
today during science class, my teacher interupted himself and said "LOOK OUTSIDE!"


it was snowing.


its october 29th. it -doesnt- snow during october.
after about 5 minutes of me being o____o i got all YEY. ITS SNOWING. SNOWING!

last class however, was gym. it was COLD and WET. and had to play football. dammit.

next week i have three days of school ^^ thursday and friday off ^^
i hath been needing a vacation~

my throat is dying, can hardly talk. it sucks.
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10:37pm 28/10/2002
mood: thankful

..now if i can figure out to open this box, that would be quite helpful.
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04:44pm 28/10/2002
mood: gloomy
my sister has icky perfume. she puts it on too strong.

the weekend sucked. there were many, many, many, many people. the more i go out and deal with people and things, the more i realize i'm extremely anti-social. i'm either getting worse or i just didn't know how bad my issues with people are. i was feeling very, very blah yesterday from being surrounded by people so much. and when i woke up today, i wasn't feeling any better. i just wasnt feeling ready to go back to school with all the people there, so i've stayed home today. been in my basement by myself alot today, recovering from the stupid people stuff.
i'm a wimp, can't deal with people atall.
i'm fucked up.

anyway, i have a test tommorow and i couldnt get stuff that i need to study from since i didn't go to school. blah@me!

for halloween i'm going down to mississauga ^^
gunna dress up psycho-like and me and people are gunna scare people and hand out candy and stuff. that'll be fun. so i won't be online thursday.
what else? i suck. i feel quite shitty.
i'm screwed up.

i'm whiny too ^^
i'll hush now.
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02:28pm 24/10/2002
mood: cold
so today i have a million complaints. i don't feel like complaining though, so i'll just be quiet.

lets see
i got home from library a little bit ago, so i can get started on the book i need to read REALLY FAST. which means no lord of the rings for a few days ;__;
that book/movie is starting to brainwash me you know. background is currently of pretty aragorn ^^ he just appeared in the book too. pretty man!

i'm too cranky to tell more stuff.
i'll doubtful update tonight, so be back sunday.
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06:34pm 23/10/2002
mood: DISNEY.
*gets in random mood for disney music and sings with mouth full of grilled cheese*


been ages since listened to disney
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another babbling session..   
04:18pm 23/10/2002
mood: okay
my aunt is weeeeird. i wanna go back to her house in pretty PEI. was so nice there ^^

lets seeee
i was meaning to post yesterday, but after typing 5 words my father kicked me off. so yeah.

my birdies are so cuuuuuuuuute~ yesterday joey was hyper so she was just flying around being insane, then typhoon decided to chase her and they both flew around the room. was cute ^.^

tommorow i get a half day~ only day all week. i have to go BACK to the school though, cause theres a pot luck supper thing that i'm ordered to go to. which suuucks, i dislike being social. so i won't get any lack of being social tommorow even though i have half day. i'm gunna put alcohol in all the food or something XDXD
today in english class we had to write stuff about "how do you know when you're in love." i was extremely EEEEEEEEEE. I HATE THIS SUBJECT. since i very much don't like that feeling and stuffff. nobody there will ever know i am actually in love~ :P and yeah, after we wrote that the teacher always chooses three people to talk about what we wrote, and guess what. i had to tell. i basically put that i never have any feelings of love or like or anything like that. :P can't stand that subject. expecially talking/writing about that subject.

i have mental problems.

ohoh, this weekend~
i'm going to a umm... youth churchish thing on friday. (i get excused from school early on friday ^^) and i'm coming back about 11pm saturday, so i won't likely be on friday or saturday. from what i hear about this, i'll unlikely get any sleep and everyone will be hyper. which means a cranky nicky. i'll tell about that thing later. I KNOW YOU'LL ALL MISS ME!
..or not.

thats about it i suppose, cant think of anything else.
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10:51pm 20/10/2002
mood: headache
school sucks. kill it for me.
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12:19pm 19/10/2002
mood: okay
i had three nightmares last night, one i can't remember atall, one i don't feel like typing about, and one i feel i must tell.

warning: this dream is gross and disturbing and such.

ok, i was on this grassy hill and there were lockers at the top. i have to open my locker, but i'm so scared to turn my back to the field, i was feeling very very paranoid. of t-rex's, mostly. dinosaurs appear some way or another in most nightmares heh. i finally got the guts to turn my back and try to open my lock, and i started doing it then i saw this big monsterous t-rex hand in the shinyness of the lock. i screamed SO LOUD and ran away from my locker to the middle of the field. was so scared. a oldish man who looked quite healthy came to see who screamed, and what was wrong. he was really nice and kind and concerned and stuff, made me feel a little better. i went back up the hill to try to open my locker again, but my hands were shaking too much and i was too scared. i thought about asking mr.man to do it, but that meant giving out my combination, and me being a paranoid freak did not want to do that. but i thought, theres no way i'm going to be able to open this, and mr.man seems nice and stuff. so i told him the first code and he started doing it, then i forget what happens. i freak out again, and run to some garage type thing because i saw something i suppose. the man ran after me, and i saw this dude who could be the reason i screamed and ran about. he looked um, very mean, disturbed and murderous blahblahblah. he had scissors and knives where his hands were supposed to be. like edward scissor hands. he looked so be after me, and mr.man stood kind of in front of me to protect me. the scary dude kept stepping to try to go past him, and the nice man kept going in front of him so he couldnt. sometime during this i said to the dude "you have hands like edward scissor hands~" and he said "yes. but i'm much more wicked." and sometime my hands turned into knife and scissor hands too. can't remember when. anyway, then comes the gross part. much grosser to see then to type about. the evil dude decided to get rid of the man who was helping me, instead of trying to step beyond him. he started using his hands very gracefully to cut him, and it looked very much like whip marks. i was very much terrified, and quite sad this happens to the man who was trying to help me. the man started turning very old, lacking of health and -very- skinny and scrawny. the evil dude was turning his clothes and things into shreads, so it was hardly covering him. and was starting to see alot of blood, and man was in alot of pain. then err.. evil dude threatened to aim for something 'down there'. i was O_o and couldnt stand to see that, i knew thats hurt him incredibly much. it was so gross. too graphic at this point. it occured to me that he was only doing this to get to me, so i decided to run away in hopes he'd leave him alone and come after me. so i ran, and i ended up in a house i was in the earlier part of the dream that i cant remember. i heard the old man scream, very loudly and painfully, and i got a image of what the evil dude had done. i was angered. i went out the backdoor of this house, and saw evil guy lying there being very x.x. knowing what he had done to mr.man, and seeing him just lying there, and me having knives and scissors instead of hands, and me being angered created a dicision to cut him up. i had gotten images earlier cutting old man up. ugh. anyway, i was about to start stabbing him and such when i woke up.
woke up completely O___O and couldnt fall back asleep for a while.
the other nightmare i remember left me completely wide awake too. that basically was a mad slaughter done my raptors, and me trying to hide in doorways.

i'm going out with sister in a bit, she's gunna borrow my aunt's trampoline. wants me to come with her so shes not bored during the ride. after, my father wants me to do stuff that i really don't wanna do. hopefully i'll get out of it.

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11:29pm 18/10/2002
mood: sleepy
THIS is much funky. look. XD
forgotten to post past couple days again   
06:52pm 18/10/2002
mood: blah
today i'm overall not feeling well. i got a migraine yesterday and even when its gone, it still affects me for a couple days. and its not totally gone yet. other then that, i'm just feeling blah. not mentally though, which is different. i usually feel physically bad when feel mentally bad, or vice versa.
i'm so glad its friday. just have homework to do this weekend, which is science math and bible. the math'll be hard no doubt, since the teacher was explaining what to do in class and i didn't get it at all. i was supposed to go swimming tommorow, but i can't, since i'm a female *grumbles*. always so annoying. so basically this weekend i'll be sitting here, on the computer. until my mother kicks me off of course.
i started reading lord of the rings yesterday, i was surprised with how line for line the parts with biblo and gandalf talking it was. i was just reading it before too, i'm on chapter two. i'll be reading that this weekend no doubt.

pizza should come soon~ yum. i's hungry. father let me choose the toppings on the second pizza ^^ good father he be.

my nephue constantly pisses me off. must avoid him as much as possible. the thing is though, it's not really that bad. i've just had enough with his spoiled brat whining. it drives me mad. don't really care for spoiled brats that much.
ugh, the thing is i'm such a spoiled brat. -______- my family really isnt -that- rich compared to normal canadian standards to being rich, but we're more well off then 95% of the world. how fucked up is that? i don't really want to not be spoiled though, i do enjoy having the things i have. i just feel bad.

oh, i'm getting yelled at. bai!
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11:28pm 16/10/2002
mood: tired
i'm so tired. i went sleep at 2:30 until 8:45, and i'm going sleep again soon. trying to catch up on some sleep.
i've studied (a bit) for science, and gotten my laundry done but other then that i've done pretty much nothing. too tired to care about anything x....x
had three dreams, two of which i remember quite good. don't feel like typing them up though. too lazy.

jeepers, sleep soon.
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so, how is everyone today?   
01:48pm 16/10/2002
mood: @.@
yes, i do expect an answer from that. comment.

math test today was brutal! it took about an hour. for around 10 questions. there was one question i decided not to -try- to do. it would have been a waste of time. after however, mr.math teacher said that'd he'd give us 10 minutes next math class to do whatever question we had left. only one person finished the whole quiz, and he was done so fast.
i have an english and science quiz tommorow. gotta study today. blah@studying. probably'll just look over stuff quickly. i'm much too lazy to study.
i'm so lacking of sleep! i was lacking yesterday already, and i went to bed at 12:30. was too discontent and stressed and wired and overtired to sleep. being on here last night put me in better mood though, so i did get some sleep. lucky me ^^ need to go sleep early today though.
so things to do tonight be:
-study science
-study english
-bible homework (so boring -.-)
-sleep early
-talk to scott as much as possible
-eat more pumpkin pie XDXDXDD
not too much.
oh, val gave me the fellowship of the rings today. she's such a nice girl. i wonder if i'll become obsessed with lord of the rings?
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01:15pm 16/10/2002
mood: @.@
i am feeling so @.@. that is the only way to explain it. @.@!

i'll update later about stuff after i read friends page
06:36pm 15/10/2002
mood: annoyed
final fantasy r teh r0xCollapse )
05:44pm 15/10/2002
mood: pessimistic
what we're doing right now is so hard!%@#
taken me 2 hours to do what i have done, and still have 10 more questions. that'll take me about another hour! and 5 of those damnable questions are word problems. -_______-

yeah, yesterday sucked. mother was on the computer allll fucking day -.......- didn't get to talk to scott at all! ;____;
i tried to go to sleep around 10:30 yesterday, didn't fall asleep until about 12. was restless and discontent. then i had to get up at 6:30 since i had to take the bus today. was too damn early, not enough sleep.

my head hurts. fucking math.
now i'm off to take a break from math by complaining and going my science vocabulary homework.
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dream with monsterous butterflies o__o   
08:30pm 13/10/2002
mood: okay
well, was kind of a nightmare.
it was long, and i remember it in good detail like all of my dreams.

so! i can't remember where it started, so i start at random place. me and a couple guys.. i think... we're driving down this muddy hill, which was in the middle of forest/jungle thing. loootttssss of pretty trees and flowers. was so cool. we came upon a river, and the jeep turned into boat. or something. some floating device type thing. the river was very swampy, with many dangerous creatures left to my imagination. there we're crocodiles and paranas (spelling?) and big snakes and hippos ectect. no one was worried about this though, but i was still all O_O;;;; cause we were going in this muddy river where you can't see ANYTHING, with all these animals in the water. the river scene was really pretty though, i see such pretty things in my dream. beside the river which was like.. 10 feet wide or so had all these flowering trees right beside it. the trees were so pretty, and there were butterflies and bugs and nice looking things in the air. was really quite a nice scene. anyway, the floatation device or whatever it was turned into a log or something, so i wasn't protected from scary man-eating animals -at all-. there were other people floating with me, can't remember who they were. after floating scarily for a while, two guys come with a boat. these guys were WEIRD, and insanish. so we go in boat, me still being paranoid about hippos and crocodiles although fish couldnt get me anymore. the dudes went speeding down the river SO fast, (would have been much fun if wasnt so scared) and they crash into SOMETHING, so we go flinging very high into the sky. and.. we come back down. the river was now in a donut type thing, with two trees in middle. still was so pretty there. after we fell, boat broke completely and was hanging onto wood pieces from it. was incredibly easy to stay afloat though, was weird. and.. butterflies turn EVIL. biting, evil things. started like attacking us, and this one really purdy yellow big butterfly landed on dudes hand, and i knew it was about to take a big chunk out of his hand and i was like "EEE. WATCH OUT FOR BUTTERFLY." he ignored me of course, and then got distracted by little white butterflies with one black spot on their wings who were trying to eat me. ;.; was still terrified by crocodiles.
and.. woke up :P

i remember too much, and this takes too long to type.
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11:31pm 12/10/2002
mood: weird
ok, roger wants me to update.

i have -nothing- to update about.
chopin is cool!
and escaflowne music.

this is pathetic c.c
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09:01pm 12/10/2002
mood: amused
hrm, now my mother is licking the cake batter out of the bowl.
she justified it by saying "i offered to share"

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08:10pm 12/10/2002
mood: amused
oooooooookkkkkkkkk story time.
my mother's been cleaning all day, and she was going to the bathroom. she had all the toilet paper in there though, and my sister wanted some. so april(sister) was all hurrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy uuuuuuuuuupppppppppp. mother was all >:O and said "i'm trying to take a break!"

A BREAK IN THE BATHROOM. does anyone else take breaks from cleaning IN THE BATHROOM? heeeh
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